Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recent (not really) purchases

Our customs service is shit and at this time of the year, since there are a lot of people exporting stuff for Christmas, they work at the lowest speed as possible, for example, my EMS package took a month to be at home.
So these items were bought at least a month ago.

GEO Xtra WBS 203 Bella Green

I thought these would never arrive, they were bought in October!
But they are the most confortable pair I have ever owned (and I had owned a few, most from big brands like GEO and EOS). I usually use a pair for no more then 4 hours even with eyedrops, these I can wear for 6 hours without eyedrops and I don't feel then at all! I was surprised I had ever found one this good, I even thought circle lenses weren't made for my eyes.

 Meh wierd picture on the right, no make up!

Souffle Song print dress "Choosing"

I always thought they would some day decide on a name for this print, but it was never changed lol
I was really pleased with this purchase! It is stuning, I was surprised by how they improved! Print is very clear and looks like it was made with a high definition image, unliked the Mucha one witch is very blurry.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Classic Lolita Black Starlight Black Gauze Overskirt from Fan+Friends

It's so glittery irl! I was happy I decided on the glitter over the dotted one. And it is also very cheap, 20usd. 

Sadly I had to pay more 20usd for customs, so I got a little dissapointed by the quality for something that costed me 40usd. If I had only paid it's true price I would be instantly happier. Saying this may looks like I didn't liked it, and it was true from the beginning, until I overlaid it with another piece and then I started loving it. But even now I am not really into the elastic waist band, it might look better with a belt.

Le Ballet from Chess Story (cheaper version)

I believe I ordered it around September?
There are two versions, one with a glittery layer with button and ribbon on the bust area, waist ties and it is a bit longer. Mine is 100rmb less and a lit bit more simpler, but it also has 3 chiffon layers and very beautiful lace. I am not sure if I prefer the bourdeaux or black one, but I bought the black. I am using it in the previous picture and I am adding a photo of the red so you can see more details such as the lace.
Sadly, it has too much lace on the bust area and that makes me fell chubby :(

Conclusion: with less money I buy more simple and versatile stuff.

Thanks for your visit! See you later~

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