Thursday, May 7, 2015

April coordinates

Hello everybody!
I am sorry for beeing absent recently, I have been through some rough times.

Me and Rob, my fiancé, decided to go out for lunch on 11th. We went to our favorite korean restaurant and I decided on using a very simple and confortable coordinate.
Since these shoes looks like flats, I decided on changing them before leaving. I like flat shoes for daily casual Idon'tcareaboutanything mood times. Heels feels much better when I want to feel cuter then my usual self.

Shirt: Innocent World
Skirt: Le Carrousel (nacional handmade brand)
Underskirt: Melikestea (nacional handmade brand)
Lovers eye hair barrete: Grimoire
Everythinh else is from Taobao or Aliexpress

Rob likes dog and Rick Owens

Then we had a small meet up in April 12th. It was Sunday and we were bored, so me and some friends decided to meet and spend some time together in a cafe.

I had received my new binder so I decided to use it with my Souffle Song Godness jsk. I will write a review on it very soon.
I wish I had dark brown shoes, it would had made my coordinate much better. As usual I decided on my favorite ones.

Jsk: Souffle Song
Shirt: Innocent World
Headpiece: Innocent World and Paris Kids
"Baroque wings" ring: Germano Agustini
Necklace and key ring: Reinette et mirabelle
Outhers acessories, wig and tights: Taobao and Ebay. 
Shoes: Yosuke
Bag (nor pictured): Metamorphose

We had no idea what were we doing


  1. That JSK from Souffle Song is lovely, I'd never seen it before. Love your outfit with it ^_^

    { }

  2. Bia sempre linda <3
    Eu adoro a estampa dessa saia, e esse JSK é maravilhoso <3